Back up give

Back up give

I have a present agreement on my household to market. Even so, proper just before I was heading to sign an addendum to make some repairs the inspector pointed out, I received a back again up give for 7k additional than my present contractb income give! As a outcome, I instructed my agent that I am not signing the addendum. The buyer is indicating that they know they only motive I am undertaking this is mainly because of the backup give and will not sign a mutual agreement release. My agent explained this is the initially time she has seen this.

In accordance to the agreement, if I refuse to sign the addendum the buyer has two days to terminate the agreement or sign a waiver and we move forward with the present agreement, but still my when is indicating that we need a mutual release agreement.

What can I do? The buyer’s agent explained the pair who produced they give will carry on to glimpse at other households as lengthy as they are in the back again up situation.

I am in Helena, AL.

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