Free Closing Cost Calculator

Free Closing Cost Calculator

Download and install the same closing price calculator that I directly use for FREE! This video clip reveals you ways to utilize this easy yet effective tool to make sure that you can promptly and easily determine the complete closing expenses you might have to pay on a bargain. Also, if you haven't currently, make certain you enjoy this very interesting video clip, "Refresher course on Closing Expenses," to discover just what each of the normal closing prices are, exactly how you can save cash on some of them as well as ways to calculate each one separately for your area. This totally free calculator is just an Excel spread sheet that you will possibly need to modify in order for it to align accurately for the costs particular to your location.

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9 Replies to “Free Closing Cost Calculator”

    1. Phil Pustejovsky do I put one of my parents name on? Also when closing, do
      I need my parents whose name is on the contract at the title company?

  1. Hey Phil, I got a doubt about “subject to”. If I manage to get that kinda
    deal, in case the price of the house is bigger than the loan, can I sell
    it, give the amount of the loan to the ex-owner and keep the rest?

    1. Just other thing. In your formula, contract comes before deal evaluation. I
      do the order correct but after the evaluation I realise that shortsale,
      rent, rent to own etc, can’t be done with profit. Can I just leave the

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