how to be successful investing

how to be successful investing

a remake of my previous “how to make dollars investing” movie – I was hoping to be “edgy” in the other a person but it came out as too obnoxious.


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  1. Your stocks will eventually go bankrupt?? Obviously you don't know anything about options. You can also legally protect your investments in the stock market. It's called option trading. Everything in life is a gamble if you haven't educated yourself in the subject. You diversify and you hedge your investments and your stocks are "insured"! Go tell every single billionaire that they are wrong about investing in the stock market!

  2. I put at least 30% of my money into gold, so no matter
    what happens, I keep what I earn. Used my existing
    retirement account and moved it into physical gold that can
    be held, completely tax free.

    IF the Federal Reserve decides to stop
    printing money, and stock market goes up… great.
    My IRA will be ready for that with a sizeable portion in stocks.
    But if the stock market crumbles, having a decent amount ALSO
    invested in gold will keep me protected.

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  6. You save in gold and silver, wait tell the stock market collapses, invest money in the stock market, let it go up to for a couple of years then re invest in gold or silver. the cycles is what you need to aim for

  7. (part 4) or, 2) we see more inflation than what we currently have, or 3) if, or when Gold gets back to around $1500 I wiil then take another look at. As for lorax's point that real estate and metals "generally hold their value." Really? Tell that to the tens of thousands of people who outright walked away from their mortgages because the value of their homes fell signigicantly below what they owed on it.

  8. (part 3) More importantly, when you buy a stock you become an owner of capital. Buying metals does not do that for you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like the metals. I bought Gold at $1300 an ounce and sold at $1781. It has since pulled back again to about $1640 and I suspect going lower. I am saying I don't like the metals right NOW. I'm not going back in until either 1 of 3 things happen. Either 1) the Fed cranks up the QE (quantitative easing) again….

  9. (part 2) point that "stocks eventually go broke," good investors can always move to another company when valuations change anyway. That's precisely what good investors do. What they don't do is engage in investor laziness where it becomes easier to just buy 1 thing, i.e. gold, and then go back to sleep. As for the notion that when you buy a stock you don't really own anything… uh, wrong. When you buy a stock you are entitled to a proportionate share of the earnings of a REAL business…. .

  10. (part 1) I'm not sure what he is referring to exactly when he says "stocks always go broke" (6:19) but I can guess. He may be referring to some abstract point like "anything that can happen will." But this is hardly a reason not to be in them. We could contend that the sun will definetely go through Nova someday. This would hardly be a reason not to roll out of bed tomorrow. Dupont (DD) has paid a dividend every year, every quarter since 1906. Even if we accept his abstract point that DD…l

  11. this is just words behind a label..but what if you could create an investment with Smart inventing with the elements in front of you. invest in the investment and investments and change all that…

  12. People on these responses are hilarious. Everyone knows the answer obviously. If there was ONE answer we would all be rich. Its amazing though how after educating yourself and controlling the info that you as a person thinks how some of the common thought processes are literally insane. Majority of people telling you to diversify your portfolio dont even have one themself. Dont forget the people who say Real Estates to risky or just save. They need to research themself!

  13. ok if thats true why do you invest in the market your self .and if you dont what is it that you invest and make 20 pct a year. also why is it that millions of people still invest in stock and bonds even the super rich still invest in the stock market.

  14. I don`t get how shares become worthless. If you own a share you own an asset. If it goes down in price (deflation) you buy more. Granted the risk is a company can go bust. You have to choose the right investment. If it goes up in price you sell(inflation) If a company doesn`t at least have a return on equity of 20% you might as well just store your savings in real estate or precious metals. You can use the inflation for consumption or better still to buy something of intrinsic value.

  15. What drugs is this man on? At 4:57 ish he says if he's speculating with 500k dollars he will earn about 20k dollars a year – that's a 4% return. Why does he keep saying he regularly gets 20% returns i.e. 100k dollars (assuming he's been using 1/2 million USD? Some of his advice is sadly very true – the average parttime spec will NEVER make decent profits. The fact is the financial markets are run for players with 5 million, 10 million etc upwards, not for the "amateurs" with 10k,20k or 50k.

  16. How to protect your property from confiscation?Even if you own a piece of land in the middle of nowhere,with a little barn on it which one would us as a shelter,you still have to deal with property taxes,so you would still need a way of generating cash.
    The only way of protecting your property i can think of is by planting a nuclear device in your land and then threatening with blowing it up when the government comes to confiscate it.

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