Millionaires Reveal How You Can Get Rich At A Young Age…(r/AskReddit)

Millionaires Reveal How You Can Get Rich At A Young Age…(r/AskReddit)

Millionaires Reveal How You Can Get Rich At A Young Age…(r/AskReddit) Reupload for those who can’t watch the video …


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31 Replies to “Millionaires Reveal How You Can Get Rich At A Young Age…(r/AskReddit)”

  1. Buy only what you really need. Don't spend on rent, video games, or clothes. Make investments. I have quite a lot saved, came from poor family, and I am 20 buying my first house by myself. It is really not that hard.

  2. This may be lost but I swear I will never buy purple mattress I'm sick of their ads that are like 10 mins long I like to listen to these while I'm cooking or working on something but thanks to purple mattress fucks I have to keep going to skip their shitty fucking advertisement

  3. Poor people waste their money on crap. I have a friend who makes 1/4 what I make but when we go shopping she spends the same amount or more than me. It is insane. Her need to look good is more important than saving.

  4. These are nice tips, but if you tell yourself you have to work hard and long hours to get there, so it shall be. But if you tell yourself it will be easy, short and fun, so it shall be. Your subconscious mind does whatever you tell it to do. So feed your mind things you want and not things other people tell you to do or things other people did to get to the place that you also want to be. Every journey is different.

  5. Summary: Be prepared to work really hard for decades at both a job and business, spend money on investments rather then luxuries, spend less then you earn… eventually it will pay off.. but if you work non stop for 20 years at something you hate or are even indifferent about so that you can live rich for another 20, (whilst still having to maintain mind you) wouldn’t it make more sense to do something you enjoy for 40, focus on learning to be grateful and earning enough to enjoy your life and family thoroughly for 40 years all together

  6. The first one is so great. Your title is clickbait but the reddit title is really nice and doesn't come off as "make me rich in 10 seconds I don't want to work and sit on the couch but be rich" thanks for sharing the video

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