The Truth about Grant Cardone – Reddit

The Truth about Grant Cardone – Reddit

THE TRUTH ABOUT Grant Cardone tells you why people don’t like Grant Cardone as he tells the story of his life and shows you around his company in Miami …


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35 Replies to “The Truth about Grant Cardone – Reddit”

  1. Blah blah blah.. truth? Why don't you let one of your employees to tell us the truth? Or perhaps one of million clients you screwed up in order to gain financial success? You can fool stupid average Americans, but not me. All you did here was brag and shit on everyone. I can sense unhappiness in your voice and in your body language. And it has nothing to with wealth…At the end of the day, you are just another fraud on the Internet. I know how it goes. Just like my boss here in Germany. He is buying yachts and cars all around, while giving his employees 1700 € per month. In other words, peanuts. That's the truth
    Mr "I speak in third face".
    That's reality.

  2. GRANT, HOW THE F**K WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO BE ON INSTAGRAM, FLY YOUR PLANE, GET HEALTH TREATMENT, BE ON YOUR PHONE, SETTING UP YOUR STUIDO ETC. if it wasn't for thousands of people who went through college, studied engineering and worked their ass of on technology for the past 100 years??! You get it. Not everyone can ba a salesman and do marketing and real estate. Wtf is you problem dude, are you blind? You wouldn't have any real estate to buy if it wasn't for engineers, architects, regular business folks who made it happen. How can you bash on college like the way you do? Oh, I know. Because you sell books from it, like crazy.

  3. Good ideas with hard work. Cute girl. The drive while you know your a wreck. To be a freak and know others want to be more!
    That Is my story as well, once I met the Doctor I have now. Lol.
    He coldly reminds me is OK to feel.
    I rather push through and past my pains to get to my next level.
    The idea to create The SOD from my Daniel Ay Youtubes was my way of wanting to help others know that there is stresses in many peoples lives. If I can push past it and keep moving forward.
    It is possible for others.
    2017 wildfire season him hard and close to home. Caribou Strong we carried on.
    Since then I learn of your channel, Energy, and your willingness to share that the struggle is real. If anyone wants more they need to push past their walls and build the life they desire.
    Thank you GRANT GARDONE.

  4. We don't like you because you are one arrogant ass that want to take money from everyone. You do all this to pull big investors, you don't care about the little guys.

  5. People don’t have to like him personally, some people just don’t click, but there is no denying Grant’s drive, motivation, etc. you have to be a fool to not see what he is offering. Different personalities all over the wold. If you want to be a fool and miss out because you don’t like a person’s personality it’s on you.

  6. This scam artist makes money from BOOK SALES and he claims he is rich and successful so you will buy his books. SCAMMER just like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins.

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